Why I love Zuma

Hello players,

I wonder whether you do have a game to which you always come back to. A game that keeps your attention again and again and to which you come back even after years still excites you and you start playing it over and over again. I do have such a game, or let’s say a game genre as well. I’m not quite a lot into logical games or puzzle games as I don’t have that patience with obstacles that are far beyond my skills. The game style I’m talking about is Zuma. The original game was called Zuma Deluxe or something like that. It was made for PC and you had to install the game on your computer. Since then a lot of time has passed and there are different kinds of the game available for the players worldwide. I will come back to that but at first let me explain what is the aim and the idea of it.

my favourite zuma game

You are positioned (at least most of the times) in the center of the screen as a big angry frog (yep, but I don’t know why angry, it just looks like that :) ). There is a pathway drawn in circles around you. It is in fact a trail for the marbles coming slowly in a random order. By random I mean not the distance between the coming marbles, but the color of them. The typical colors are red, green, blue, yellow, violet. The frog has always one marble in its mouth ready to shoot. Now the point is to match the color of the marble in frog’s mouth with the color of the neighboring marbles where the shot that has been shot has landed. Always at least three of them has to meet each other. When that happens, they disappear and the snake of the coming marbles becomes smaller.

play zuma game

Maybe my words seem to you quite difficult but the game isn’t that hard to understand, it is much more difficult to describe it by easy words. The funny thing is that the more simple the games sometimes are the funnier and more addictive they become. And zuma games are the part of this group. As I already mentioned before, the starter was the famous Zuma Deluxe (if I remember well). Today with the internet websites and flash game technology you don’t have to download and purchase no software. You just need to know how to search and all you need to do it is to find the right website. There are many clones of this wonderful game today. The difference ranges from really in-depth graphical designs to more simple ones. Also the Facebook app named Zuma Blitz is very popular, but I personally don’t play this one quite often. I prefer going to websites where there is a bigger game collection. I simply save the game to my bookmarks and wait for an update every few days and I’m looking forward to the new updates.

zuma game

So if you are looking for the way how to spend your time and you want your time to run quickly, then go for the zuma game. I can guarantee that you will not get bored even after hours of gameplay.

Zuma games online

On this website you will find a nice collection of all the most famous flash games that are zuma like. The game shave different themes, different colors and they differ in the details of the graphic. Anyway, you can spend hours playing one by one :)

I love to play zuma games